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Supervision and consultation are necessary parts of being a Psychotherapist. It helps us to learn from one another, gain alternative perspectives, and share resources to better serve our clients. 

Therapists are human - that means that we will never be perfect. I fully believe that we could all benefit from engaging in supervision at any point in our careers. Whether it be to gain confidence as a clinician, become more competent in specific areas or with specific approaches, manage ethical concerns, or receive support in an isolating field, supervision can be beneficial. 

Similar to my clinical approach, I take a person-centred approach with supervision. I strive to create a safe space for fellow therapists to explore their professional goals, ideas, and concerns. I operate through the lens of trauma-informed and antiracism to work with you and build a strong therapeutic working alliance and guide your journey as a therapist. 

Let's work collaboratively to identify your supervision goals, which may include: 

  • Strengthening and building healthy therapeutic alliances with clients 

  • Addressing ruptures in therapeutic alliances with clients

  • Enhancing confidence as a therapist

  • Engaging in Safe and Effective Use of Self (SEUS) 

  • Specific case review and consultation 

  • Ethical considerations 

  • And more... 

I meet the guidelines as set out by the CRPO for Clinical Supervision. I  am a member in "Good Standing" with over 5 years of clinical experience within the CRPO. I have also completed supervision training through the University of Ottawa and have engaged in supervised practice as a clinical supervisor. I have years of experience participating in peer supervision, consultations, and regularly engage in supervision myself. 

Supervision can be provided individually or dyadically (in pairs). Reach out today and let's work together to support your journey as a psychotherapist! 

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